While you figure out a new look for yourself this summer, you cannot forget to get your hands on a cool pair of glasses to add a cherry on the top. Glasses nowadays, are not just a necessity for your eyes these days but a part of your personality as well. Glasses have now become a fashion statement these days and an outfit is considered incomplete without them. While we talk about glasses, one cannot complete the list without the market’s top of the line, Oakley glasses. Who doesn’t want to copy their style icon’s dressing style and looks? And when your style icon is as cool as Prince William and Jennifer Aniston, you try to get your hands on the same accessories they wear. The Oakley glasses have been in style since a long time and several celebrities have rocked their looks with these glasses.

What is special about Oakley Sunglasses and Oakley Safety Glasses?

  • Primarily, the Oakley glasses are constituted with high definition optics (HDO) lenses that allow you to see a sharp and clear image. These lenses are developed to prevent moisture or dust from sticking on them.
  • All Oakley eyeglasses are certified by the CSA in terms of safety and Oakley safety glasses are approved to be high velocity impact lenses and made up to international standards.
  • According to research, a 3 point balanced frame helps in eliminating pressure points, making the user’s vision sharp and accurate. Oakley eyeglasses provide comfort, stability and maximum optical alignment.
  • Oakley sunglasses are manufactured to block 100% harmful rays like UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light. All glasses for men and women come in multiple frame colors and lens colors. Amazingly, Oakley’s Switch look line comes with multiple colored lenses that allow the user to change lenses according to different situations.
  • Oakley sunglasses for men and women are typically designed for numerous sports. These glasses are made with high quality iridium to protect your eyes from specific harmful light. The polarized iridium glasses help you see in situations when light is being reflected to your eyes from different surfaces.
  • Oakley glasses are highly sophisticated and designed to look sophisticated on both men and women. There are a variety of cuts available to choose from.
  • Oakley sunglasses improve side protection against wind, sunlight during sports like target shooting and skiing. We can see most professional athletes wearing Oakley glasses due to the product’s ability of eye protection and razor-sharp vision.

Shades HQ, whose second name is Quality, provides top quality, original eyewear at the best prices. The store offers top of the line shades which have been curated with the latest fashion trends. Shades HQ has a huge list of authentic shades and Oakley eyeglasses are a part of them. The store provides a wide range of glasses for men including sunglasses and eyeglasses. One can get their hands on the trendy polarized glasses by Oakley or rock this summer with the amazing mirrored glasses. You can easily find the famous iridium polarized lenses along with metallic or matte frames on nominal prices. Order the latest Oakley glasses for men from the comfort of your bedroom. Whether you are a sportsman or a modelling aficionado, get yourself any trending series you desire.

After Jennifer Aniston’s graduate bob in Friends, hundreds and thousands of women copied that look. Nowadays when Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton and Ema Watson are seen wearing Oakley glasses, no woman can resist copying their looks. There is nothing to worry when Shades HQ is providing you girls with the latest Oakley sunglasses and eyeglasses at your doorstep. Just choose the best pair of glasses of your favorite celebrity and let us do the rest. You can find every model from the trendy predator glasses to matt black frames with violet iridium lenses.

Oakley Safety Factor

No matter if you are a mine worker, a carpenter or a sportsman, Oakley’s safety glasses always protect your eyes. Oakley uses high velocity impact lenses that have been tested by ANSI and certified to be safe by Canadian and American CSA. You can order your pair of Oakley safety glasses today from Shades HQ and protect your eyes from all possible perils. All glasses from Oakley come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for both the frame and lenses. Oakley glasses provide the user with best motion recognition and peripheral vision. The glasses have premium stealth coating and the lenses are tailored with the toughest material. You can trust the quality of all products available.

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